Thursday, July 21, 2011

quick pic update

It is hot hot hot in Massachusetts right now. The garden has been growing well for the most part. The strawberry harvest in June topped out around 20 pounds, and the second crop is starting up any day now. I am wondering if squash are just not going to work in this location with the squash vine borer problem. I have killed several adult moths, and kept my squash under row covers as long as I could, but I am sure that since I've seen the adults that the borers are on their way. Hopefully we will get at least a few squash before they take over. The peas and beans did well and there are hundreds of tomatoes just waiting to ripen.

snow peas growing
It is amusing to see peppers growing on my miniscule plants!
8 ball squash! I hope the SVB stay away for awhile!

Some purple beans, snow peas, and blueberries!